Foto Angela Dima


“Painting is absolute freedom, but it's the same to what I am deeply connected to.“ A.D.

Angela Dima is a young painter who was born in San Pietro Vernotico in the province of Brindisi on the 13 June 1987. From an early age she immediately showed her passion for Drawing and Art, pushing her into attending a specific course of study in Lecce, first at the Art High School (2001 - 2006) and later at the Academy of Fine Arts.


She has been on the art scene since 2012.


In recent years she has deepened her studies internationally:


  • In Spain she attended the painting workshops of the Spanish painter Eloy Morales (2014 - 2015 - 2016 -2017);
  • In New York she studied at the school of life drawing "The Art Students League of NY" (April - June 2016 and November 2017)
  • In May 2017 she was among the 20 finalists at the art competition "City of Lecce Trophy Award"
  • In September 2017 she was on the podium among the awarded artists.


She carries out a profound and personal research that ranges between various themes and artistic expressions.


She took part in several group exhibitions, reviews and public events where she was also awarded prizes, including

  • First place for two consecutive editions at the "Fior di Barocco" competition in Lecce (2004; 2006)
  • Winner of a special prize at the "SaturArte-National Contemporary Art Competition" in Genoa (2014)
  • 2019 Prima classificata al concorso di pittura “Trofeo Città di Lecce”.


Recently her main works were shown in a solo exhibition at the ARCA art gallery in Lecce (June 2021).


She considers herself a lover of "pictorial realism-photorealism", in fact for her works she is inspired by all kind of portraits, unknown faces, interesting looks and details of life scenes which she reproduces on canvas:


"My art is a continuous becoming in my tireless curiosity, what happens to me and surrounds me inevitably becomes painting"